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About Us

Why choose FTS
Immigration & Visa Services ?

Helping you achieve your dreams, At FTS Education & Visa Services we make it easy for you to access top-notch immigration services worldwide. We have become a trusted leader in helping students reach their dream study locations by offering a great combination of migration and educational support. Instead of dealing with complicated immigration steps, we make it simple and stress-free. We care about your feelings while providing expert help and customise our services to what you need.



Believing in your desire to succeed, we fight for your dreams. Ensuring a pleasant Australian Immigration experience, bridging the gap between visa applicants and the destination of their dreams.



We work hard to give people great immigration services. Our goal is to help our clients easily find new opportunities for their economy, education, and personal growth. We make the whole process simple and straightforward.



FTS Education & Visa Services is dedicated to its core principles

  • Excellence in client services

  • Always following what’s right and legal in our business.

  • Building long term relations with our clients

  • Being truthful, polite, and clear with clients at every step of the process