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Genuine Position Report

The Genuine Position Report is an elaborate report that supports the need of the nominated position and the need of a foreign employee. It is an essential part and requirement of foreign employee sponsorship.

According to the Standard Business Sponsorship requirements of the Department of Home Affairs, a business must prove that the position that has been nominated is genuine, relating to the business activities and is essential for running the business.

Meticulously genuine and impactful reports are an exceptional forte at Fast Track to Success that has made us the primary choice for Sponsored Visa applications.

We excel in creating Genuine Position Reports for a vast range of positions containing vital information that includes:

  • The description of your business
  • An organisational chart
  • A position description and its interaction with other employee positions in the business
    ANZSCO references
  • Evidence to justify the need of the nominee and the position
  • Analysis of the Nominee’s expertise and experience
  • Contribution of the employee’s work to the business industry and the Australian Region they will be working in.
  • FTS is renowned for its detailed and thorough Genuine Position Report. Excelling in creating genuine and valid reports, you can trust us to prepare an accurate and analytical report. We have played a crucial role in several successful nomination applications with the support of our exceptional services.

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