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Partner visa Subclass 309 (Off-Shore)

This visa lets the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen live in Australia temporarily. Getting this visa is the first step towards a permanent Partner visa (subclass 100).


Temporarily until your permanent Partner visa (subclass 100) application is finalised or you withdraw your application.


From AUD8,850*

Processing times:

  • 25% of applications: 5 Months
  • 50% of applications: 12 Months
  • 75% of applications: 37 Months
  • 90% of applications: 96 Months


Your genuine relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen spouse or de facto partner serves as the cornerstone. This profound connection is strengthened as your spouse or de facto partner takes on the role of sponsor, endorsing your application. Key to the process is being outside Australia when applying for this visa, extending to your accompanying family members. Together, you embark on a journey that reflects the authentic bond you share, paving the way for a united future.

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Discover a world of advantages with this visa, designed to enhance your life in Australia while we diligently process your permanent Partner visa. Seamlessly balance life’s demands as you live, work, and pursue your studies within Australia’s dynamic landscape. Enjoy unrestricted travel to and from the country, ensuring that you remain connected to your loved ones across the globe. If eligible, seize the opportunity to attend complimentary English language classes through the Adult Migrant English Program, enriching your experience and integration. Plus, gain peace of mind by applying for access to Australia’s esteemed public health care system, Medicare. With this visa, every facet of your journey is thoughtfully catered to, allowing you to fully embrace all that Australia has to offer.

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