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Regional Employer Sponsored Visa SC 494

Regional Employer Sponsored Visa SC 494

Regional Employer Sponsored Visa SC 494 requires applicants to be sponsored by a Regional Employer. The job position the applicant has been sponsored for must last for a minimum period of 5 years.

The applicant must be nominated by an eligible work sponsor
Must be under 45 years of age
Skilled Employment of at least 3 years
Should have relevant skills based on the occupation.
Should know competent English.
This visa lets regional employers outsource skilled employees in their region. Employers must sponsor these applicants only when they are unable to find Australian employees for the skilled position.

Employer Sponsored Stream
This visa helps regional employers sponsor skilled workers they cannot find in Australia. With this visa, you can study and work only in certain designated areas of Australia. This stream lets you apply for Permanent Residence, on the completion of 3 years from the date your visa has been granted.

Labour Agreement Stream
This visa stream is for skilled workers that have been nominated by employers that have a Labour Agreement. This agreement must be between the Australian Government and the employer.

Subsequent Entrant
The Subsequent Entrant Visa stream is for the family members of a Skilled Employer Regional (SESR) Provisional Visa SC 494 who are applying for a SESR Visa separately and would like to join the SESR Visa holder in the country.

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