Experience Australia with Short Stay Activity Visa SC 400

Short Stay Activity Visa SC 400

Short Stay Activity Visa SC 400

The Short Stay Activity Visa SC 400 lets applicants visit Australia for the purpose of short-term and non-ongoing work. In limited circumstances, the applicant is permitted to participate in activities or work that results in Australia’s benefits.

It is a temporary visa that is ideal for all those who intend to visit the country to perform work activities on a short stay. The stay is usually allowed up to a period of 3 months, but an extension up to 6 months may be considered if the stay is supported by an essential business case.

This is a highly specialized work stream with which you can perform short-term and highly specialized work in Australia. This visa is most suitable for individuals that have specialized expertise or knowledge that isn’t easily available in Australia.


  • The applicant must be invited by the organisation they will be working for or should be supported by the organisation.
  • Must have expertise, specialized skills and experience that is not available in Australia.

Duration of stay

The duration of your stay will be for a period of 3 months and be extended to 6 months in limited circumstances.

Benefits of Short Stay Activity Visa SC 400 

  • Stay in Australia for a period of up to 3 months or 6 months in limited cases.
  • Perform the work for which the visa has been granted
  • Bring your family members to Australia, if they meet the visa requirements of including family members. 

Visa Restrictions

  • Work and activity restrictions
  • Course of study
  • Training is based on the workplace
  • No further stay is permitted

Visa Obligations

  • The applicant and their family members are obligated to follow and abide by the Australian laws and visa obligations.
  • You are required to only work on the activities the visa was granted to you from.

You are permitted to lodge a new visa application:

  1. If you would like to participate in another activity or activities that have not been listed in your visa application.
  2. You must work for an organization that is not the same organization that has been listed in your application.

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