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Skilled Regional Visa 191

Skilled Regional Visa 191

Skilled Regional Visa 191

With theSkilled Regional Visa 191, eligible applicants can live and work in Australia for an indefinite period of time. These visa holders can live, work and study in regional areas only. They are permitted to include their immediate family on this visa and can sponsor eligible family members.


Applicants for this visa must meet the certain requirements. The applicant must:

  • Hold a Regional Provisional Visa SC 491 or 494 while applying for the Skilled Regional Visa SC 191.
  • Have held this visa for a period of at least 3 years
  • Have earned the minimum income as the holder of a Regional Provisional Visa for at least 3 years.
  • Comply with the conditions of the Regional Provisional Visa.

Valid for a period of 5 years, the Skilled Regional Visa 191 lets you live, study and work only in regional areas. Visa holders are permitted to move between regional areas.



The Skilled Regional Visa 191 is a permanent visa that lets you stay in Australia indefinitely. The Travel Component of this Visa is valid for 5 years after the Visa Grant.  If you are in Australia, your Permanent Residence starts on the day the visa is granted.


This Visa lets you

  • Stay in Australia permanently
  • Study and work anywhere in Australia
  • Sponsor relatives that are eligible for Permanent Residence
  • Enrol in Medicare- Australia’s Public Health Care Scheme
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • Apply for Australian Citizenship if you are eligible Application assessment and processing times vary due to individual circumstances that include incomplete applications, necessary documents, response to additional information requests, checks on supporting information, additional information from external agencies and the availability of the migration program. While the visa application is a tedious process, our proficient team can help you with all these procedures and turn your Skilled Regional Visa 191 application into an uncomplicated and simple one.

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