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Training Visa SC 407

Training Visa SC 407

That Training Visa SC 407 is a Short Stay Visa for people that are interested in professional or occupational training and development in Australia. 

Visa holders can undertake professional or occupational training in Australia to meet the standard requirements for occupational registration or licensing. This training visa is for those who would like to enhance their occupational skills for working in Australia or overseas. 


The visa lets applicants stay in Australia for a period of 2 years. 

Although, this visa is subject to Condition 8102 that forbids any other work apart from the training that has been specified in the visa application of the applicant. 

It also requires the applicant to maintain health insurance during their stay in Australia. This visa must be lodged online and the applicant can be either in Australia or overseas to lodge this application. The application can include family members as well.


  • The applicant must be above the age of 18 years.
  • Should stay in Australia only for the intended training that has been mentioned in the application.
  • Must know functional English.
  • Should hold private health insurance.
  • Meet all health and requisites.

This visa has two eligibility pathways:

Occupational Trainees

  • This Visa stream requires the applicant to be nominated by the Sponsor to perform one of the below mentioned activities in Australia:
  • Acquiring training for obtaining registration, license or membership in order to work in Australia or their home country.
  • Acquiring training to be eligible for the 407 Training Visa Occupations List. The applicant is required to have relevant prior experience that may include employment or study that amounts to at least 12 months full-time experience in the occupation or it has taken place 24 months before lodging the application.
  • 6 months of practical experience, observation or research that is required to obtain an overseas qualification.
  • To acquire training that is supported by a government agency or the home government of the applicant.

Professional Development

This stream requires holders to work overseas in a professional position or in a management. It usually involves classroom training that requires relevant skills to work in the respective position.

Visa Conditions:

This Visa is granted for a specified period of time that lasts between 6 months to 2 years. The length or duration of the visa is decided by the Immigration Case Officer based on the training that is required.

Nomination by an Employer

The applicant must be nominated by an Employer. The employer in this case cannot be an individual or a sole trader.

Visa Conditions:

Condition 8102: The Main Applicant is not permitted to engage in any other work in Australia that is not related to the study or training course that has been listed in the application.

Condition 8104: Secondary applicants are not permitted to engage in work that lasts 40 hours more than a fortnight while the visa holder is still residing in Australia.

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